Designing an Underground Home Plans

Underground home plans are not rare in nowadays. But if you heard this thing in a decade ago then probably you will think that it must be other species from other planet whose can do that. Underground home is the perfect place to hide. Well, it is not totally about hiding from people. Living in the hole of earth or underground house will probably look like living in the cave with today’s technologies. But still, there are prices that should be paid to realize this house. You will also need more efforts than building a house over the ground as well. So, here are the tips on designing the underground home.

underground home plans

Structural plans should be wisely considered

Before you step in this point, actually there are many processes related with the law that should be met. After you finished the law and permitted issues then you can step on the designing phase. Structural plans are the essential thing in designing a house especially this case is about underground home plans. Hire an architect or interior designer to develop the structural plans. They will scale and measure the floor plan as well as the design which will be needed.

Air circulation and water filtration system

As I have said earlier, living in the underground house is almost as same as living in the cave with today’s technologies. You need to consider where the air circulation will enter the house and manage the sunlight as well. Besides, if you want to stay for long time in the underground home then you need to make research about water sources which are renewable. Air circulation and water filter system are a big deal in order to prevent the sickness due to airborne and carbon dioxide.

Entrance and exit is crucial

Even though it looks so simple, people mostly forget about this point. The entrance and the exit can be adjusted with the ground and the exterior design of the house. You can apply ladder or buying a staircase. It needs to be secured with something made of metal in order to keep the balance when you climb the ladder. Just make sure that the material and the space if the ladder is adequate for the ground and the occupants as well.

By applying good design and adequate technology, you can live in the “cave” with healthy air as well as the internet signal as long as you have good underground home plans.

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