Everything You Need to Know about Post and Beam Home Plans

post and beam home plansPost and beam home plans are loved by many people today. Do you know why? It is because this kind of house is made by post and beam building method. This building method is really emphasizing the point of transparent and simple. Beside of that, this kind of house is also full of elegancy from the craft. That is why post and beam construction is always be the favorite building method. If you want to know more about this unique building method that is reflected in the post and beam home plans, below is more information for you.

  1. Why Simplicity is Related to Post and Beam Method?

There is no way that post and beam construction is not simple. Making a house with this kind of method is really fun and fast. It is because the method is just really direct. All you have to do is preparing vertical posts. Then, you make those posts to support the horizontal beams above the house. Another simplicity aspect of this method is because all the materials that you need os just wood. So, basically, this kind of house building method can give you visual elegance from the grain of the wood, the patterns, and also the fanciness of the post and beam itself.

  1. Be Creative in Connecting the Post and Beam

In this kind of method, all you need to do is connecting vertical posts with horizontal beams. To make the connection better, you need to establish your very own method of connecting the post with the beam. You will have the opportunities to explore the method of making the connections. You can use steel bolted plates, regular nails, or even mortise and tenon. The connections of the post and the beam using those kinds of things can give extra aesthetic value for the house.

  1. Why Using this Post and Beam Method?

By using this kind of method of house building, you will be able to make beautiful house with unique rustic look. So, after all it will be on the aesthetic value. As stated before, the post and beam are made out of wood. It will give you the opportunity to have rustic looking house but with a dashing modern touch. So, if you really want to have post and beam home plans, consider this together with your architect so that you will end up having the most beautiful house made with this house building method.

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