Makin Earth Sheltered Home Plans

If you are really care with the sustainability of the earth, earth sheltered home plans can be a good option. In this kind of house, the house will be like half under the ground and it will look natural and really beautiful. This kind of house is just like the perfect way to keep the earth healthy because the materials that we can use to make the house are natural materials such as wood and rocks. So, it will have less concrete, tiles, and stuff. So, if you are really interested in earth sheltered home plans, below is the further information about it.

earth sheltered home plans

  1. What to Prepare

Since the house will be like half under the ground, you need to consider the soil first. The soil of the land where you will build your house needs to be in the perfect consistency, humidity, and temperature. If the soil is too soft or soggy, there will be no way that you can build your house on it. The house will not stand upright and it is impossible to set the foundation. If the soil is like rock hard, it will be impossible to use it as well. You need to dig the soil to establish foundation and if the soil cannot even be used, you will not be able to build your house there. So, you need to consider the condition of the soil first. Beside of that, you need to consider the temperature and the humidity as well. Both are important to determine the further condition of your house if you build the house on that land.

  1. The Design

Basically, the design of this kind of house is very simple. It will not be like two story house because the point of making earth sheltered house is to shelter right on the ground. So, no fancy things are needed here. That is why you really need to consider making the design of the house as simple as possible with your architect. Make sure that the house has every room that you need such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. However, everything must be simple and efficient. So, you need to think about the arrangement of the rooms and the placement of the furniture as well right from the start. Making earth sheltered home plans is basically helping the earth to sustain well since we do not use earth damaging materials to build the house.

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