The Best Additional Plans to Improve Your House

There are some home addition plans you might want to consider when you want to improve your house. Of course, you have to pick the plans which go with your house main structure and the main theme of the house.

home addition plans

Front yard plans

The first additional plans would be suitable for you who have large front yard house. There are several additional structures you can consider to improve not only the house look but also the function of the house.

Terrace or deck

You can build some terrace or deck in front of your house. It depends on your house style. Terrace would be perfect for any house which is built in low and flat ground, while deck would be the best for house which is built in high and not even ground. You can add some fence and the terrace or deck would perform an outdoor guest room.


If you like to grow plans, you can also build a garden in your front yard. But, it is suggested for you ta build the garden with easy access that creates an impression that the garden is part of the house. Besides it would get your house fresh look, it would also create larger vision and give your house more oxygen supply. Indeed, the garden could be one of home addition plans you could consider.


How about the house with large backyard? There are even more possibilities of additional plans for the back yard.

Ope air house

The first idea is to create semi-open air room. Let’s say you have an open layout kitchen and diningroom in the back part of the house. You can build a large glass sliding door that connects the house directly to the backyard. You can build some canopy around the house to keep your kitchen and dining room comfortable especially in rainy day.

Backyard patio

Another possible additional plan is to build some patio in the backyard. You just need to make sure the patio go with your house and you have a perfect place to enjoy some relaxing afternoon and throw barbecue party with family and friends.

Garden and playground

You have some kids? Just build a simple playground with swing or simple slide in your backyard garden. You can enjoy the garden and your kids are free to play in the garden. Just consider it as one of the home addition plans for your backyard.

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